CCTV has come a long way in the last 3-4 years as the rate of technological capability has accelerated.

If you buy a new CCTV system these days, you will get a HD level  image as a bare minimum and if you invest a little more you will get a UHD or Ultra High Definition image. Amazingly these cameras can also let you have colour images in near complete darkness!

Not only that but most systems will now allow you to have a set up that can alert you by email or text message and let you view images remotely in real time on your smart device!

Old Analogue CCTV Camera

But what about the system you already have?

The system you spent many £1000’s on only 3 years ago, the one with the grainy images and no images at night unless you install Blackpool illuminations on your premises?

Well at CCSS we can offer advice on an upgrade that won’t cost the earth and give you images which are 10 times better than the ones on your old analogue system and get this we can more than likely use the existing cabling too*.

This is what reduces the price and the upheaval dramatically as the AHD camera systems we can offer can send High Definition images down the existing coax cables on which your old analogue cameras are installed.

All we do is change the cameras and the control equipment to a network video recorder and a high-resolution monitor and you have a cameras system that gives usable images 24 hours a day. Have a broadband connection (fibre is best) and you can live stream what’s going on at your premises from anywhere in the world.

If you are a business, we can offer competitive leasing rates so that you don’t have to use your capital budget. Not sure about that? Well you already probably lease your car, your mobile, your photocopier and your mobile, so why not lease your CCTV equipment and keep up with technology and improve your security.

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