As our population lives longer and strives to live more independently, warden call systems are developing rapidly.

CCSS offers bespoke warden call solutions that allow users to live with or without support. From a simple pullcord or pendant to call for assistance to full telecare monitoring CCSS has a solution.

The Tynetec Advent XT Digital Grouped Living Solution systems allow system expansion covering things such as bed occupancy, fall detectors, pill dispensers, heat and smoke detectors and security features like bogus caller switch or door contacts. All these features can be monitored on site or off site ensuring the quickest of responses.

Warden Call bull cord

CCSS has installed and maintain many Tynetec Advent XT systems with 1000’s of users and have an intimate knowledge of how the systems work ensuring minimal down time when repair issues occur.

We work closely with the manufacturer Legrand/Tynetec to ensure that your site has all the equipment required for a fully working system from day one.

CCSS has upgraded over 150 systems for major care providers such as Midland Heart, Accord HA and Trident so if you are upgrading your existing system we have vast experience of ensuring that the old system and the new system work in harmony during the upgrade works so your system users are not left without cover longer than necessary.

We can supply dispersed alarms for the most vulnerable users if required.

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