Standalone access control can be via coded keypad, biometric reader, proximity reader or a radio receiver which is connected to a locking device on the door, usually a magnetic lock or an electronic lock release.

A system may consist of a single door or many individual doors across a site or an estate with any fobs or cards being used need to be programmed into each reader? In these instances, CCSS would recommend a networked access control system.

CCSS are DHF and ADSA members and therefore can connect your access control systems to automated doors, gates or barriers fully in line with the safety standards demanded in the EU Machinery Directive

An Access control system from CCSS will help to create a safer environment for your building, reduce walk-in thefts, and discourage uninvited visitors.

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Additional Information

Access control is a security system that helps to restrict access to a site/building/room or computer by asking for a unique code. That code can be a simple code entered on a keypad or a more sophisticated credential such as a fob, card or even a finger print or retinal scan.